• Supply of equipment for substations
  • Supply of protection and control systems for generating units
  • Supply of various systems
  • PLC and SCADA programming
  • Protection and grounding studies; arc flash hazard analysis
  • Protection relay calibration
  • Operator training
  • Field supervision
  • Commissioning

Litostroj Hydro / Ontario Power Generation (OPG)


Timmins, Ontario

Mandate execution period:



In 2008, Litostroj Hydro awarded Génitique a contract for the following work and services: engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, factory acceptance testing and commissioning of the protection and control cabinets for the generating units, switchgear, neutral grounding cabinet, MCC, batteries, battery chargers, auxiliary services transformer, and SCADA.


The project consisted of rebuilding four hydroelectric power stations owned by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) in northeastern Ontario. The four power stations total seven generating units between them. The refurbishment project involved the following installations:

  • Sandy Falls Power Plant: one 5.5 MW double-regulated Kaplan turbine
  • Wawaitin Power Plant: two 15 MW Francis turbines
  • Lower Sturgeon Power Plant: two 14 MW double-regulated Kaplan turbines
  • Hound Chute Power Plant: two 9.5 MW double-regulated Kaplan turbines