Services :
  • Prepared drawings for construction
  • Estimated project cost
  • Prepared process (P&ID) and location diagrams
  • Prepared list of cables, inputs/outputs and material
  • Prepared project schedule
  • Managed procurement
  • Programmed PLCs
  • Field supervision
  • Commissioned plant and training
  • Prepared as-built drawings
  • Followed-up costs
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
Client :

Bio-Methatech inc.

Saint-Hyacinthe City

Location :

Saint-Hyacinthe, Qc, Canada

Mandate execution period :

First phase : 2009 – 2010
Second phase : 2016 – 2017


For these two phases, Génitique was awarded a contract to provide complete engineering services to lay out, build and commission the biomethanation process.



The Saint-Hyacinthe wastewater treatment plant was commissioned in 1987. The biological process to treat the urban and industrial wastewater produces organic sludge continuously. Since a few years, this sludge has been a serious problem given the continually increasing cost for transportation and disposal.

Since the city managers wanted to find a permanent and environmentally friendly solution, in the first phase they decided to install three (3) anaerobic digesters connected to the municipal sludge treatment system and to a dryer system.

In the second phase, the city of Saint-Hyacinthe adds the processing of organic materials from the agri-food industry and the collection of residential organic waste which requires the addition of 5 digesters, 2 hydrolysers, whey tank and 3 tanks of liquid organic materials.