This digital data acquisition system, or data logger, combines hardware and software in the same housing. Thanks to its integrated web interface, no external software is required for configuration and data consultation.


Adaptable and versatile
  • Can be adapted for a specific use (calculations, capacity, etc.).
  • Can be used as a diagnostic tool and/or as a continuous data logger.
Ethernet connectivity
  • No cables required for access to instruments, PLCs and other equipment.
  • Can be installed during production.
  • Combines hardware and software in a single housing.
  • Can be installed directly in an existing control panel.


  • A powerful diagnostic tool that can be used to start up a system.
  • Can be used to calibrate the various elements of the process and record their signature for subsequent comparison.
  • A process monitoring and system operation tool ideal for evaluating/measuring system performance.
Data historian
  • Affordable and easy to implement for any process, specifically adapted for SMEs, manufacturers and OEMs.
Predictive maintenance
  • Optimizes predictive maintenance for production equipment.


After-sales service
  • Training
  • Warranty
Related engineering services
  • Pre-configuration
  • Installation
  • Start-up
  • Development and integration of specific functions