• Design of the experimental caisson (2007)
  • Detailed drawings and specifications required to fabricate the experimental caisson
  • Installation technical support
  • Detailed drawings and specifications to  modify the experimental caisson
  • Detailed drawings and specifications  to  fabricate the new caissons and the working platform
  • Procedures to handle and install the caissons, including the lifting plans/procedures
  • Technical support for the fabricator
  • Technical support at the construction site during the caisson installation

Hydro-Québec / Division Equipment Montréal


La Tuque (Québec)

Mandate execution period:

Summer 2007 (Experimental caisson)

Autumn 2010 (3 definitive caissons)


In 2007, Hydro-Quebec awarded a contract to Génitique to design an experimental caisson that would allow to carry out the concrete repair work. The experimental sealed caisson was installed during the summer of 2007 to validate its reliability and the various work methods. The tests were carried out successfully.

In 2010, Hydro-Quebec launched its repair programme and chose Génitique anew to design two other types of sealed caissons and to improve the experimental caisson, based on observations during the work carried out in 2007.


For the structure rehabilitation project of the La Tuque Power Station, various work had to be carried out to extend the operation life of the facilities and the safety of the dam and the spillway works.

Some of the work included repair of draftube concrete pier facings in the drawdown zone. The customer wish to perform the work without lowering the tailwater level.